May 8, 2018

Let the sun shine in...

Today is one of those days that come along so scarcely Parisians know how to savour every minute with gusto. We are not spoilt when it come to sunshine in this city and it is rare that we enjoy several days without a shower. 

Plus, today is a holiday therefore the city is quieter due to less traffic. I can hear birds chirping on the trees and kids playing down below through my open balcony door... and to think only last week we were freezing at 5°C given the heating had been turned off beginning of the month!?!

A stroll through Trocadero at lunchtime to soak it all up was just the ticket...

Peeking around the corner of the Musée de l'Homme...

... to greet La Grande Dame under the beaming sunshine.

A bit of patriotism never hurts.

In search of some shade between the trees 

The trendy Café de l'Homme overpowered by the Hercules statue by 
Albert Pommier

Coffee break à la Parisienne

How many tourists do you think read this message board?

A familiar sight in Paris

Gotta love the Neo-classique architecture 

The home of architect Auguste Perret, a building considered to be one of the seminal constructions of modern architecture.

Just can't get enough of the blue sky and the Eiffel Tower!


I love Paris in the springtime!

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