May 10, 2018

From Paris with love...

Good things happen when the sun is out in Paris... not only does nature start to bloom but the people blossom and positive vibes start flowing in every little corner of the city. 

Terrasses are full of lovebirds, parks are assaulted with picnickers, Parisians stop wearing black and take their lunch out on the green benches, tourists tread all over each other, tour buses quadruple park, kids' happy voices resound in the alleys, there is even more dog poop on the roads, the flower shops take over the sidewalks and Paris just generally turns into a the wonderful city that it projets to the world. Artists and associations alike show off their creative spirit to plead their cause and share their passion. 

So, go outside, walk around... the Parisian call it "flâneusing". Flânerie is the act of strolling, with all of its accompanying associations... you'll be surprised what you'll find!

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