July 10, 2018

It's official, we have a third campus!

"Oh my God the new campus is so cool."

When during your holidays you are hanging out in your living room on a hot summer afternoon taking a break from the sun and you hear one of your daughter's friends making that comment about the Instagram account, you know the school has nailed it.

After years of planning, months of negotiations and weeks of refurbishing to make the three buildings in the center of Paris fit for purpose, the moment has finally arrived...

... last week the "Commission de Sécurité" gave the school management an "avis favorable" for the opening of its new campus.

I cannot describe how delighted I am to receive this news after much hard work by many people over these past years. Bravo to the Head of School and the Board for committing the school to the project. An immense appreciation goes to the Leadership team for poring over the plans and moving things along. The IT team, the building maintenance, the departmental teams and even the students were all instrumental in designing and creating the learning spaces.

The "avis favorable" was a very important step in the project, as it means that the school now has the formal authorisation that the building is fit to house a school. The new Middle School campus will open its door in September to students from Grade 6 to Grade 9.

It's official! The Cortambert Campus has officially been cleared for opening! We have ourselves a third campus!

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