November 26, 2011

The Independant Winegrowers of France

Living in Paris how could I pass up the opportunity of visiting the Salon des Vins? You are right, I could not! Together with four other adventurous souls (from UK, Canada, Cech Republic and the Philipines) we took off to discover the Independent Winegrower's exhibition. In every French wine-growing region, the Independant Winegowers cultivate the land, they elaborate their wine and they commercialise it. 

To leave a mark of their involvement and the quality of their work, they sign the Vignerons Indépendants de France's charter. The Independent Winegrower: 

- Respects his soil
- Cultivates his vine
- Harvests his grapes
- Turns to wine and grows his wine
- Bottles his production is his cellar
- Commercialises his wine
- Betters himself in the respect of tradition
- Welcomes, advises about wine tasting and takes pleasure to present the results of his work and cultivation

Ready, Set, Go....

Each of us received a proper glass for our personal wine tasting experiences.

We are obviously not the only tasters.

But where do we start???

We decided to go for the best looking label or maybe winegrower???

Armed with our glass and a baguette avec foie gras we gave our palate a treat.

One of our favourite stands....terribly French!

Everywhere you look there is wine and more wine!

But what is this???

An alcohol breath tasting machine...and I've past the test!!!

The end result of some serious French wine shoppers.

Never leave home without your glass....or your trolley!!! Hicks...


  1. What a fantastic day out!! I am very jealous...and feeling seriously thirsty just now!

  2. It was fun not only for the delicious wines but also because the company was great and good fun! Wine needs to be tasted and enjoyed in good company! ;)


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