July 26, 2014

Feeling loved

Wow! What a reaction! I promise I will never wonder again if anybody is reading my blog. 

Since my last post I have had telephone calls, e-mails, text messages and Whatapps from friends across the globe voicing their concern and wanting to know my state of health.

Well, a big thank you, grazie, merci, danke schön and gracias goes out to all of you who have worried about me. I can reassure you that I am feeling quite alright again.

The first 24 hours after the crash I felt a little shaky, then my body started aching and I am still feeling a little sore all over but some ibuprofen and a good night sleep has set me back on track. 

Today, it seems like a bad dream and I consider myself blessed it wasn't any worse.

The car was towed away at 8:00am sharp the next morning as promised by the Madrid branch of our French insurance company who have been extremly friendly as well as efficient! I do love the Spaniards!

Now I'm dealing with all the paperwork but hey, who's complaining?!?

I now have an excellent excuse to make another appointment with the charmingly efficient (or should I say efficiently charming?) physiotherapist my Spanish friend recommended to me!

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