June 24, 2015

What a difference it makes

The kids' school is big on the Service and Action program where students are encouraged to participate in community and service-based activities. It is up to them to select and reflect upon what constitutes a S&A activity.

A few weeks ago Expat daughter asked me if I had any cosmetics and candles to spare; she was organising a raffle at school. Her aim was to raise awareness for San People - in particular the children - living in Namibia. She wanted to sponsor a child at the Naankuse foundation. Her donation would help keep the Clever Cubs school running, fund school fees, buy uniforms, purchase educational items and transport the older children to the mainstream schools in the capital.

With a bit of logistical help, she and her three friends managed to present the raffle prizes on an table in the school lobby and push some less enthusiastic kids to listen to their plea during a week. The had a precise goal: to raise enough money to be able to sponsor a child for one year. Anybody crossing their path - student, teacher, staff or parent was to listen while they explained the foundation's mission and the details of the Clever Cub School. I bought a few tickets for the home-made cookies and actually won!

It is amazing to see how - in one week - four determined young girls from England, Finland, Norway and Switzerland, studying in France, can make a life-changing difference for a child in Namibia. They are now exchanging photos and curious to learn about each others worlds.

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