June 25, 2015

Today I touched the sky

Today must have been one of the most memorable mornings since my arrival in Paris four years ago.

A few weeks back I signed up for a yoga session on a Parisian rooftop. How could I resist, right? Imagine working out facing the Eiffel Tower? These are the moments I adore living in Paris and I say to myself: "All my friends leave sooner or later but I always have Paris."

So, checking my weather app which promised 20 °C and sunshine, I headed to the Maison Blanche restaurant on THE most fashionable avenue in Paris for a Zen break and a targeted session perched high up on the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées roof.

A rooftop both cut off from the rest of the world and in the heart of Paris, overlooking a stunning view and just too cool for words.

A sexy Latin yoga teacher greeted me with a big smile and with a huge smile back I asked him to take a photo of me in pose with Paris and the Eiffel Tower to my feet... literally! During the lesson Carlos kept on telling us to close our eyes and breath. Why would I want to close my eyes with this view. I was not going to miss a minute of this bliss.

Looking down the side I could spy straight into Givenchy's ateliers and got a glimpse of a model strutting through the room in a sublime black dress. Was it part of next week's fashion show collection?

This morning I made peace with living in Paris, because this experience was so unique. When Paris shows itself from its good side, it really is stunning. I felt as if l were touching the sky reaching for a little piece of heaven right next to the Tour Eiffel.

Good Morning Paris

Yoga with a view

The exclusive Maison Blanche restaurant

Peeking into the neighbours' windows

Blue skies and sunshine all around!

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