June 17, 2015

Travelling to Muscat

Tonight my friend's Facebook status read:

"Travelling to Muscat, Oman. A goodbye to all the lovely people I met in Kuala Lumpur. Thanks for the time spent together. See you around the world."

My heart has just jumped a beat and is reaching out to her. I am standing right next to her in my thoughts and am feeling the emotions with her. If I close my eyes I can see her standing in line to board that plane which will whizz her off to a new adventure: however, her heart is telling her to turn around, walk away and stay in the country she has just so nicely settled into.

I know what it feels like when your brain is walking forwards yet your heart is running in the opposite direction. You want to hug all your friends one last time, pretend this is all not happening, wishing you where not closing yet another chapter of your life to begin a new one. You know the game too well by now, but it gets the better of you every time when you make that last final step onto the plane to a destination which you will be calling home as of tomorrow!

It is not natural and looking at our kids it certainly does not seem fair to put them through all this emotional turmoil BUT at the same time it is such a rewarding experience. Nevertheless you need to have sat in that plane chair yourself to feel the emotions and fully understand the reasoning of a nomad life such as ours.

Bon voyage mon amie. Mon coeur s'envole avec toi ce soir!

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