August 25, 2015

A house full of workers

Help! They are destroying my house or at least it sounded like it.

We are lucky to have our base in Madrid to where the family "escapes" every summer. This year I have had all the practical joys of a homeowner.

Having being contacted one morning - very early I might add - by a marketing sales operator of our phone company who convinced me that installing the latest optic fiber system would be convenient and cheaper than my current deal with them I agreed.... the flow of workers in my house has not stopped since... and that was two months ago!

When the technician finally turned up, he informed me he couldn't pull the optic fiber cable all the way though the existing tubes, I therefore needed to contact a builder who banged holes into the wall around the TV to be able to hook the system up. Once these were closed, the boiler had to be checked (overdue for about 5 years). The air conditioner gave up during the hottest month of July ever recorded in Spain and therefore the tiles in the bathroom needed to be bashed up to get to the tubes. Oh, what a surprise, then we had a water leak. The plumber banged more holes into the kitchen, the study, the living room and the bathroom walls to find its source.

Today, the builders are back to cover up the holes. Unfortunately, the quality and thoroughness of these workers does not equal Swiss precision and I am left will marks on the wall which have been painted the wrong colour shade and cracks alongside where the holes used to be due to the extremely thin plasterboard walls and ceiling.

But, hey, the house is still standing and the sun is out. Let's hit the pool, kids!

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