August 23, 2015

A personal visit to the Taller del Prado

It was over a decade ago when I first met my colourful Chilean friend back in Madrid. We started chatting one day at school pick-up and she complimented me on the shade of my lipgloss. Her comment stuck with me because it seemed odd that anyone would notice such a detail. At the time, little did I know that she is an artist and her business are colours. She is a lady who knows her stuff, techniques, composition, dimensions, perspectives, proportions and pigments!

I, therefore, jumped at the invitation to visit her wonderful workspace in a downtown Madrid atelier exposing a breathtaking view. El "Taller del Prado" (Prado Atelier) is a professional workshop known for their preparation, generosity and dedication. A place of teamwork and friendship where artists come together to exchange opinions, critiques and ideas. It seems being a student there develops individuality and uniqueness, following the path of solid technical and pedagogical principles.

Well, I am far from being an art expert - other than just appreciating the nice things in life - but even I can tell how happy my friend is to have found a space - her space - surrounded by people who share her passion and with whom she can paint side by side.

Most personalized Birthday Card ever

Ready to step behind the scene

Just sitting on this terrace would be enough inspiration for me!

Little visitors

Madrid's Gran Via seen from above

Just the way you've always imagined an atelier should look like

Work in progress: the props

My friend's easel

Longing for a peek behind the curtains

El Taller del Prado workspace

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