November 10, 2015

"Every Child" by Expat daughter

Every once in a while my kids' abilities blow me away. Today was one of those moments. Let me share my 12-year old daughter's English homework for tomorrow:

Protest Poetry, Children’s Rights
“Every Child”

Every child has a right to be happy and have fun,
Every child has a right to have a name and identity,
Every child has a right to be free and run,
Every child has a right to not have an enemy. 

Why don’t all kids have the same possibilities,
We are all equal and need the same things,
Each of us have our own responsibilities,
We should all be treated like kings.

Kids should have an education,
Kids should eat,
Kids should be part of a nation,
Kids should sleep,

They should not wake up at 3:00am,
They should not work all day,
They should not go to sleep at 11:00pm,
They should pick who to obey.

They are children, they have feelings,
Everybody needs to treat each other the same way,
Let me remind you, they are human beings,
Kids were born and have the right to play.

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