February 13, 2016

Deco Off... when decoration becomes fashion

Café Les Deux Magots, Café de Flore, Restaurant La Société, Armani store, Ralph Lauren emporium,  Eglise St. Germain de Près are all well known places in one of Paris' most popular neighbourhoods. My personal favourite would be La Rhumerie but then again I am biased towards the sunny Caribbean.

Well, after frequenting the area for decades I discovered - much to my surprise - that there is a whole backstage to Quartier Saint Germain dedicated to home decoration and fabrics. So what if the brands might be luxurious and exorbitantly expensive, it allows for great window shopping and endless inspiration.

While I was hoping in and out of stores asking about wallpaper which is enjoying a revival in the world of Parisian decor my attention was caught by an event: Deco Off!

The 7th edition of the annual exhibition boasted a record 106 showrooms and galleries taking part. The annual five-day showcase saw designers, buyers, and international press descend to view the latest new releases in textiles, trimmings, lighting as well as paint, floor and wall coverings.

And boy did they descend... as did I with hubby in tow! Given the public's majority turned out to be Italian, he felt right at home. Not to mention when we bumped into some friends from Milano. Small world. The entire due felt like "Fashion Night Out" organised every year by Vogue throughout the fashion capitals but this time the colours, patterns and texture of the fabrics clearly surpassed the people's clothing.

The European Confederation of spinners, weavers and knitters provided 140 oversized lamps—adorned by each fabric house—to illuminate participating showrooms along the streets of the Rive Droite and Rive Gauche. As if the lamps were not enough, red carpets even provided the final few steps of direction.

Place de Fürstenberg, the epicentre of deco heaven

Rue de l'Abbaye in b&w

Rue de Seine

A bustling café tucked in between art galleries

Little Green, an inspiring English wallpaper store...
competition is tough!

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