February 9, 2016

If walls could speak...

Spring cleaning is not my thing... cleaning in general is not, I might add at this point. However, every year in January I get this urge to clean out cupboards and shelves to ease up some space, a very rare and pricey commodity in Paris.

This year my itch to declutter went a little further when I discovered the DECO OFF , a sort of open days held by Paris' leading interior decorators based in the Quartier Latin. Then and there I decided that wallpaper would make the cut this January. Two days later I let myself be inspired by Pierre Frey's fabric exhibit at the Museum of Decorative Arts. 

The exhibition paid tribute to one of the major references in the field of interior design. Founded in 1935, la Maison Pierre Frey creates, edits and manufactures fabrics and wallpapers in the purest French tradition allowing for eclectic styles and inspiration. Just up my street.

Pierre Frey was born in 1903 in Northern France. He started early, very early, when at 17 years old he made his first steps in home furnishing. Pierre Frey became more than just a designer: he collaborated with artists from around the world, transformed the concept of wall and upset the codes of the wallpaper.

The exhibition honours his career but also explains the methods and practices of artistic fabric and allows the audience to explore his most famous creations.

So, now all I need to do is to decide which of the white walls will remain white and what theme will tickle my fancy! Maybe I should start by asking my hubby what he thinks of my new project first?!?

My kind of funky wallpaper

The "ingredients" of wallpaper back when the company started out

Going native... in all kinds of different ways

Monsieur Pierre Frey, the founder, seems like a happy chap

Getting lost in the mazes of wallpaper

If abstract tickles your fancy... this is the answer!

Feeling wild

An eclectic mix

If ever you needed some inspiration

Look carefully at the shadow formations

An explosion of light thanks to a fun interactive motion game

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE that black and white splatter wallpaper!
    I think interior decor is a great motivator to clean and declutter. It certainly is the only one that works for me ;-)


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