May 31, 2016

Rain, rain go away...

The question everybody is asking themselves today... is the rain ever going to go away? It has been the wettest month of May since way back in 1873!

Just to give you some insight, the average rainfall for the month of May is 26mm, however, on Monday alone some 53mm of rain fell over the French capital. Consequently Roland Garros suffered its first wash out in 16 years.

In the whole month of May, the National weather service, has recorded 172mm of rainfall. Only July 2001 could beat that since records began.

Do I need to mention the mood of the Parisians has plummeted to subterranean levels and we are back to wearing black and have all brought out our black winter boots again to match the outfit!

Drivers are going frantic under the torrential rainfalls. Trust the trains to go on strike as if on cue! Air France might be joining them by the end of the week! Ah, vive la France dans toute sa grandeur, sa magnificence, sa richesse et sa beauté!

The happiest bunch at the moment are the street sellers whom have all switched from selling Eiffel Tower key rings to cheap umbrellas and are making a fortune!

A spectacular rainy view on top of the Tour de Saint Jacques

Another rainy moment at the Place de la Republique 

La dame de fer with her head in the fog

Souvenirs... anyone?!?

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