May 8, 2016

Ibiza's Hippy Market ... a whole new experience!

It is a long weekend in France. The month of May is one entire month of long weekends in this country.  So, when a couple of dear friends invite you to Ibiza for a few days you don't think twice! Yes, we are talking about the party island par excellence!

The weather was not brilliant but nobody cared given the excellent company. Needless to say I am always up for some exploring.

A few hours at the hippy market of Las Dalias in the pretty town of Sant Carles was my idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon. Jumping into our jeep the journey was suppose to be a mere 40 minutes along the pretty roads that lead to the Northern part of the island, we won't mention it took us 90 minutes to get there due to the hoards of English, Dutch and German tourists!

Las Dalias has a long history, having been a venue since 1959, and a market since 1985. Entering the market we discovered an eclectic mix of stalls selling everything from leather goods to Ibizan fashion, all hand-made products accompanied by music and dance. The layout seemed simple to begin with but as we made our way in deeper we ended up in a maze of stalls, cafe areas and chill out zones. I am told that every Saturday more than 20,000 visitors come to Sant Carles Hippy market.

It seems Las Dalias also hosts an array of eclectic, alternative and exciting events every week but I am happy just taking pictures of the first Hippy market I have ever come across.

Welcome to Las Dalias

Mercadillo Hippy Las Dalias...

... is bustling with people ...

... with stones and beads ...

... with fabrics and with accessoires!

Peace & Love

Flower Power

Some funky bags

Love ... in the details.

Some seriously cool hippy bags.

A home-made Lemonade break to keep us going.

This is your life!

"Life is better at the beach"

Mora, an artist and a relict of old hippie days. She can tell the best stories about the market.

Flower fairies are very common at Las Dalias!

The hippie look

Viva la vida!

My kind of colour!

Pink flowers and reflections 

I'll have one of those! 

Ibiza fashion

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