February 25, 2017

When you realize you have a perfect shot

The first time I read about In the Spirit of Gstaad was in some swanky magazine like Paris Match. The launch of this photo book caught my attention since I have a very emotional connection to that area of Switzerland.

More than just a stop on the jet-set circuit, Gstaad’s great charm is its cozy yet glamorous style and atmosphere. The village owes much of its beauty to its natural surroundings as well as to the local architecture of enchanting wooden chalets and you can certainly say that hospitality is part of the culture.

Ever since I was a little girl the Pay d'Enhaut was my winter refuge. Apart from our two-year stint in Buenos Aires, not year went by without a trip to those soft Swiss hills where all you ever needed to know were the chalets' names and not their address.

So, when I came across the hardback in Cadonau, my favourite paper shop of all times, I couldn't resist and brought it with the excuse to offer it to my husband as a little gift!

Admittedly I do have a soft spot for Audrey Hepburn featured on the cover... after all she loved PiNk... but imagine my delight upon opening the book and finding the exact same photo that I had taken and posted on Instagram the day before.

I might need to consider an alternative career and start collecting material for my own book!?!

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