February 2, 2017

Paris in a flash

Walking through the streets of Paris it is difficult to resist stopping every couple of meters to take pictures. It's a passion I indulge in, even when I'm rushing or running, I don't miss the opportunity when my eye follows down yet another of this city's impressive perspectives or my mouth starts to water at the delicacies in the window displays. I marvel at the every day objects and silent scenes that I pass on my way to the metro station and admire historic buildings imagining what stories the walls would have to tell if only they could speak! 

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Looking onto the Eiffel Tower through the peace monument at Champs de Mars 

A morning at the Musée des Arts Decoratifs

Walking past a heating vent next to the post office

A break from French cuisine

Escalier de service during a paintjob and still they are picturesque

Need I say more?

Side entrance of the St.Sulpice Church

Either too cold or too early to attract customers, not even the smokers!

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