January 31, 2017

Just keep going girl...

So it has become a little tradition... just to keep my motivation going. It might be an inverted New Years' resolution - since I don't believe in such intentions - but every year in January I take a picture to remind myself that I must keep on jogging no matter what. It's exercise, it good for me and I actually do enjoy it.

Many years ago in order to prove my Triathlon friend wrong, I defied Parisian weather and went out for a jog. A jog in wellies and holding an umbrella. No, I am not proud of that moment in my Parisian adventure but I was pretty desperate to shed off those excessive Christmas kilos and the weather just would not cooperate.

Therefore, here goes year number six and I am ready to keep going strong. My route has changed a third time as we have moved in the meantime but the Champs de Mars are a spectacular alternative to the Bois de Boulogne and Avenue Foch even when it snows.

My new route around the Tour Eiffel

She's come along way but the show must go on...

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