January 5, 2017

Mexique in all its colours!

Without further ado... I will just hop back into my Parisian life and start out with an evening tour of the "Mexique" exhibition at the Grand Palais.

Having brought tickets three months ago for my husband and I, unfortunately we were refused entry into the museum due to the trolly Expat hubby had in hand since he had just stepped off a plane. No, business trips are no excuse for not enjoying an evening guided tour to a great exhibition... at least not in my book!

So, a day after we returned from Christmas holidays we are back on track and on a roll. Many temporary exhibits end in January and February therefore the race is on if you have been slightly lazy on the museum side during the fall as is my case.

Titled Mexique (1900-1950) Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, José Clemente Orozco et les Avant-Gardes, the multimedia exhibition spanned across pre- and post-revolution Mexico, with an emphasis on the era’s social and artistic movements, showcasing 203 works in the majestic Grand Palais. "Since its independence won from the Spanish monarchy in 1821, Mexico has never ceased to assert its willingness for change and its spirit of modernity," the museum states on its website.

A part of the exhibit was dedicated to female artists, which included six of Kahlo’s work, of course. But lesser-known names like Dolores Olmedo, Tina Modotti, Rosa Rolanda, and Lola Álvarez’s work received the platform they deserved as well.

Indeed, the exhibit was a testament to the vibrant artistic creativity of the country.

A Mexican interpretation of French cabaret?

Clearly influenced by the French...

To my amateur eyes this seems a more Mexican scene...

... yep, definitely Mexican!

Heading up the imperial stairs of the Grand Palais

My favourite piece of art of the 203 exposed...

... well, maybe it is this one called "The bathers"?!?

La Rivière Juchitán by Diego Rivera, 1953-1955 is a very impressive mural.

A disturbing painting by David Alfaro Siqueiros

A very Mexican piece of art

Intimate and sensual

Love this representation of a strong woman

La marchande de fruits, 1951 - Olga Costa

Frida Kahlo's still life

A colourful self portrait

A healthy and a sick version of herself

An hommage to the love of her life Diego Rivera

The icing on the cake: gadgets at the museum's souvenir store 

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