January 11, 2017

The show WILL go on ... somehow?!?

This week, I am appalled to read that the U.S. president-elect has issued an official order which requires politically appointed ambassadors to leave their overseas posts by his Inauguration Day.

Now while this is usually a pretty standard procedure, the mandate issued breaks with the tradition of providing even the “briefest of grace periods”. Supposedly HE will not even allow a handful of ambassadors, particularly those with school-age children, to remain in place until the end of the academic year.

This hits very close to home since postings abroad are often motivated by a job offer but ultimately revolved around the children's school calendar.

The order threatens to leave the United States without Senate-confirmed representatives across the globe for months. It's as if a Multinational company were to call its General Managers back to headquarters and expect all the affiliates to fend for themselves. It's just not good for business.

So, as an Expat I feel for all the families who will be uprooted in the middle of the school year! As a voter I am shocked to observe how little thought goes into these actions! As a citizen I need to hurry up and renew my passport...

In the meantime, I'll just post my photos taken during a holiday tour around the American Ambassador's residence in Paris just before Christmas.

The inner courtyard of the Hôtel de Pontalba on Rue Faubourg St. Honoré. The estate was acquired by a Rothschild in 1876, then sold to the U.S. Government and is today, the residence of the American Ambassador to France.

A gigantic Christmas tree adorns the staircase of this hôtel particulier, a grand 60,000-square-foot residence in central Paris.

Flowers are prominent throughout the residence...

... as are the little feminine touches...

... and festive decorations in red, white and green.

Playing with reflections

A quiet corner in the ladies' garderobe 

The back terrasse looking onto the gardens

The only photo spotted of Mr. President

You'll never guess who did the Christmas decorations?
The Ralph Lauren creative team!!!

The "Art in Embassies program" is an arrangement whereby the ambassadors can chose local, Americana, or contemporary art to decorate their residence while in office.

One of the living rooms...

...in a whole row of reception areas.

Another Christmas tree in the entrance hiding the fountain

In true American style the US Ambassador's residence is all decked out in extravagant holiday décor. 

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