January 2, 2017

Considering myself lucky

Sunday night and the kids and I have just dropped off my hubby at the airport since he needs to start work tomorrow morning. The rest of us will follow in two days just in time for school.

It is midnight I am sitting in my living room in Madrid listening to Christmas carols with the Christmas lights glowing on my bargain tree acquired upon our arrival from Paris two days before Christmas. The Advent candles are glimmering inside the green fir Christmas wreath, the mantlepiece is outfitted with a simple garland made of fresh evergreen and shiny red and silver ornaments. I even invested in a little Poinsettia tree which set me back the equivalent of the price of two coffees on the Champs Elysées.

Pink, purple and silver baubles with some fuchsia glittery tinsel as table decorations since my collection of Scandinavian Christmas figurines are all in Paris, some big white stars (made in China) to hang along the doorway complete my Christmas set up for this year which had to be started from scratch.

For the first time our family had decided to spend Christmas in Madrid after Expat boy suggested it might be a wise idea since he needed to study for his exams. Madrid is our second home and somehow its lifestyle brings the family closer. In Paris all four of us continuously seem to be rushing in different directions.

After two weeks of blue skies, warm sun rays, welcoming neighbours, affectionate friends, mindful local attitude, many delicious meals shared with people who are dear to our hearts, cosy family evenings in front of the fire listening to Christmas carols or just watching TV, it now time to say good-bye AGAIN.

It has been a peaceful, regenerating, mindful holiday filled with gratitude and moments of appreciation. All four of us have had time to take a break and reflect on our hectic lives realizing how lucky we are and how none of us would change a thing...

There will be no resolutions, I am no good at resolutions. I will just carry on appreciating every moment and keep smiling at Parisians hoping to receive one in return.

Tout va bien, we've got each other and there is always a glass of pink bubbly in the fridge.

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