January 8, 2017

A late recap of inventive window displays

This post might be a little late but then again according to French tradition I am still allowed to wish Happy New Year. Here, it can even be considered rude to fail to wish Bonne Année, usually followed by Meilleurs Voeux, to anybody you haven't seen since December 31st…right up until the end of January.

In keeping with tradition, the facades of Parisian department stores (Printemps Haussmann, Galeries Lafayette, BHV, Le Bon Marché) are adorned with the most stunning festive decorations. Therefore, I will indulge you with some typical Parisian Christmas window shopping.

Le Bon Marché, the most Parisian department store

Printemps early in the morning

Shop windows put on a show with amazing theatre sets 
featuring animated figures and magical decor in an interactive world

A foodies' galore

Not quite sure what Madonna's is doing in the middle of it all?!?

French perfume... which one to choose?

Baccarat's crystal symphony

Jimmy Choo's interpretation of a Christmas window display

Inspired by Dorothee?!? 

Gallerie Lafayette have gone all white and ecological this year

A penguin's dream... a Louis Vuitton handbag?!?

Delicately intricate... just like the French

A paper mock up of the gallerie's dome

A giant Christmas tree made of paper under the dome 

Inspiring and festive... all in the spirit of recycling!

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