January 15, 2017

Jordanian hospitality at its best

A simple invitation via WhatsApp by a Jordanian friend inviting us for lunch and a little cooking class beforehand to teach us some Middle Eastern culinary specialities.

I turned up on a freezing morning to find not only our regular group of girlfriends but a lovely group of International ladies most of whom are long-term (and I mean VERY long term) residents. All of a sudden I felt a whole lot younger. In the kids' school community I am rather considered part of the furniture as I have been around so much longer than the average expat.

Full of smiles and curiosity I sat down to meet my fellow lunch ladies and give them the Expat interview. Turns out they are as professional at it as I am which made me smile even more.

It is rather refreshing not having to go through the same Spiel of explaining the good and the bad side of Paris to newcomers. These ladies are Parisian veterans and clearly ahead of the game.

But wait, weren't we here to cook?

Undeniably the food had all been prepared: chopped, cut, sautéed, soaked, and pre-cooked. All WE were asked to do is to fill some Mosoukan rolls, stir the parsley salad and spread the zaatar mixture over the little circles of dough. Even that was quite a task given that we were all trying to either catch up with our friends or get to know our new friends better... because wherever it is you may be, it is your friends who make your world... n'est-ce pas?

A big Shukraan goes out to the perfect hostess who received us into her welcoming home on a cold winter day. The food as well as the company was exquisite, unique, international and decidedly spicy!

The table place cards had our nationality rather than our name on them!
And just look at the colour of the table decoration... 

Manakish Zaatar in the making

The end result: thyme pastry

Mosoukan rolls: I made the one on the bottom right! ;)

I will be pinching this presentation idea for future reference: parsley salad 

Makloubeh with eggplant: let's just say we sprinkled the pine nuts on top!

Mouhalabieh and date cake... followed by dates and baklava!!!

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