January 12, 2018

Food, glorious food!

Who is not complaining about having eaten too much food over the holidays? Well, if you aren't you are one of the lucky few.

Spending the Christmas season south of the Alps means that the festivities are essentially about food, maybe a church service or two and some presents. But above all come the extra-special family meals that can only be described as loving, dramatic, emotional, crowded, loud and, of course, scrumptious. When I say food I am talking about two full-fledged meals a day starting on December 24th and possibly lasting until New Year's Eve! Then... you start eating the leftovers!

Here are just a few foodie pictures that now looking back make me smile even though my scales might have seemed unusually out of synch this morning?!?

Leftover salmon blinis with some bubbly on January 1st.

Neapolitan aperitivo... before the five course meal starts!

Amaretto biscuits... my favourite!

Hot chocolate with whipped cream to keep the energy levels up.

Couldn't resist this cannolo siciliano 

This salumeria is defiantly calling my name

The beauty of Italian supermarkets

 Even better when it comes in Pink!

January 6th is Three Kings day and the feast continues...

... to be topped off with "banan peze à la creole" 
for a farewell dinner by my beautiful Haitian friend.

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