January 31, 2018

Paris in 50 shades of grey

Yet another rainy day and the monotony is starting to seriously dent the Parisian's state of mind. A promotional holiday deal to St. Lucia spotted in the Sunday Times seems increasingly enticing!?! Maybe I will take a tour of the four listed greenhouses at Les Grandes Serres and meander the profuse tropical forests of the Botanical Garden this afternoon?

La Grande Dame de Fer always looks good, no matter what the weather

The Statue of Liberty might have her feet standing in water soon?

Searching for alternative entertainment to keep up the spirits.

Spot the metro above ground

Looking rather grey...

Even the Grand Palais has lost its sparkle.

Architectural buildings actually look better in shades of grey

Looking at the current tear around a sculpture from the top of the Les Invalides bridge.

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