January 27, 2018

Look on the sunny side

Ironic that the idiom of the day popping up on my computer this morning is: look on the sunny side (of life/things)

Even though the definition is to view one's life, situation, or circumstances with a generally optimistic and cheerful attitude; to focus on what is positive in life it seems hard to do so when winter has been one of the darkest ever. Paris has been through 3 months of solid rainfall beating a 100-year record of precipitation.

Paris region clocked 10 hours of sunshine by mid-January when the monthly norm should be 63. Needless to say Madrid's average hours of sunlight for the first month of the year is 148. And then you wonder why I am always escaping to Spain!

Health experts say a shortage of sunshine can lead to seasonal depression, whose symptoms include a lack of energy, a desire to sleep and a perceived need to consume greater quantities of sugar and fat.

Therefore... bring on the chocolate!


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