June 23, 2018

Where I feel right at home again

When various events fall into place and they align perfectly with your agenda it provides the irresistible excuse to squeeze yet another little trip between a weekend away and the summer exodus starting next week.

Expat hubby travelling, Expat boy at university and Expat girl taken care of, I am off for a four day trip to Geneva.

This city was my home for nearly ten years and it will always have a special place in my heart. It is where I felt at home for the first time after never having quite fit in with Zürich. Here, all my peers were Swiss born of foreign parents and no explaining was needed why you called Switzerland your home eventhough you spoke a language other than Swiss German or French at home, we all did!

My career began in Geneva and I had a brilliant start. Through work I met a charming Neapolitan and we got marrried in Geneva before starting our Expat adventures.

I have kept a handful of loyal friends and many fond memories of my time in Geneva and although it has been two decades since we left I am happy to see that some things never change...

... unconditional friendship and ... Bains des Pâquis!

Geneva at its best!

The Anglican Church where we got married 20 years ago

Postcard picture

On my way to Pâquis plage

My old playground still looks the same...

... heading for a swim with the ducks!

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