August 27, 2011

Expat with Kids in Paris

The time has come again........we are starting a new life - once again!

It wasn't planned that way but then life gets in the way of things and before you know it you are heading in a entirely different direction.

We settled in Lugano in January 2007 thinking we would be staying there until the kids finished their studies....sweet dreams!

As our friends well know we just couldn't get rid of that twitchy feeling in our toes. We tried, we seriously tried to lay down our roots, and I am very happy to say that my children as well as my husband have definately established a couple of long-lasting foundations that will hopefully stick with them for life. I, of course, consider myself Swiss! ;)

Lugano did become a home for all of us: for me it was all about moving back to my home country and sharing part of my background with my children. Expat hubby became more Swiss than the Swiss culminating in the acquisition of a Swiss passport. Expat boy made some life-long friends and for Expat girl Breganzona will always remain home, I think.

We have sold our lovely house and left Lugano end of June with a heavy heart but excited about the change (except Expat girl). The family is following Expat hubby as he starts his new job. We are on our way to Paris this weekend after having spent a fabulous summer in our holiday house in Spain surrounded by our Spanish and International friends here.

Expat hubby and I have lived in Paris before, therefore I dare say this will be a relatively easy start. We have friends in Paris and both speak French. The kids will be fluent by Christmas, trust me. ;)  I do miss the novelty factor a bit, I thrive on exploring new cultures and learning new languages but hey, we are moving to Paris....I won't complain. I am sure the French will provide me with plenty of challenges!

I will be very busy setting up shop over the next couple of weeks and am looking forward to it. My Lugano blog has become a much bigger success than expected therefore I will continue writing and see where it takes me. I have, in the meantime, created a new home for my blogging:

Expat with Kids in Paris 

where I plan to write about my adventures avec les francais! So keep posted right here. ;)

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