August 14, 2011

Transitionary Times

Welcome to the world of Expat with Kids. Some of you already know me via my funky Lugano blog: Expat with Kids others will discover my blogger's univers for the first time.

Roughly one year ago I started blogging, by pure chance I must add, having found myself with two entire days to myself since I had planned some serious Milano shopping tours with a girlfriend of mine who cancelled last minute. I spent the following 48 hours on my beloved Mac trying to figure out how to blog. The result is the first English Lugano guide online for Expats.

Today I find myself at a new crossroad in life. Unexpectedly, we have left Lugano and are starting a new adventure in Paris as of September 2011.

Just as we started to create our lives, our patterns, our situations my husband announces that he has recieved an irresistible job offer. We had just orchestrated our everyday life into what we believed was our ideal. For decades we had explored, learned and changed destinations continuously, Lugano was suppose to be home for the next 20 years. Somewhere along the line, destiny dealt us a surprising hand.

To be perfectly honest, I like changing and discovering new countries, new homes, new languages, new people. It drives me to learn and adapt. I can almost feel my old, crusty synapses having to break down and create new paths. I like it. I thrive on it. Ultimately, I think it is good to change and reorder our lives, as this is what makes us learn and grow. It definately keeps me young, or so I'd like to think.

So, when you see something new that is intriguing, and maybe a bit scary, go ahead and investigate it. Certainly, you should be a little cautious, but open up your mind. Get close enough and get a sniff. Make your assessment and see if you like it. Change is challenging, it makes us uneasy, but it is worth it. As my mother used to say: "Every change brings something positive!".

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