October 22, 2011

A day without chocolate is a day without sunshine

France is known for it's wine, cheese and baguette. Having grown up in Switzerland chocolate definatley doesn't spring to my mind when thinking of Paris. However, I have noticed there are great deal of chocolatiers throughout the city center. I have never dared to enter one for fear of not being able to find my way out again. When the Salon de Chocolate opened it's doors I was - needless to say - one of the first visitors to walk into the exhibition.

I did manage to eat my way through many different kind of tastes and textures of chocolate. It was amazing to see all the distinct ways of chocolate presentation. The Salon du Chocolat in Paris is the world's largest event dedicated to chocolate, a true trend-setter dedicated to the profession. Every year, the Salon is also dotted with special events, celebrations and performances. Some of them have become iconic such as the famous Chocolate Dresses Fashion Show.

 Ready, Set, Gooooooo.....

Sophisticated chocolate sculptures

French "pain au chocolat" in a 2m baguette


Latest craze in hot chocolate

Themed garbage bin

Chocolate jewllery for total addicts

Light switches... how cool is that?

"Tête de moine girolle" in chocolate version

A true chocolate stand

The real thing: Cocoa beans

Who said chocolate had to be brown?

My favourite Tour Eiffel

Arc de Triomphe

Carrying your dessert with you...

How did they do it?

Chocolate design for fashionistas

I'll have this pink dress decorated with chocolate balls


  1. Oh my goodness! All that perfect chocolate. *sigh*

  2. Trust me, it WAS delicious!!! I tasted it all......


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