October 9, 2011

Festival des fromages de Meulan

When in France, do as the French! With this in mind, we took a head dive into French culture by visiting the Festival des fromages in Meulan-en-Yvelines. Over 100 cheese producers gathered this weekend to prize their goods and turn the center of this little town into a cheese platter. I admit we did not manage to taste all 300 types of cheese.

A few cows and lots of sheep were also spotted along the way much to the kids' delight.

There was also a good deal of wine flowing in front and behind the stalls. It is impossible to enjoy true authentic cheese without a good glass of genuine wine!

La tartiflette au saumon fumé

Cheese in all shapes and forms

Can you smell the cheese?

Two happy Savoyards

This little village fête actually reminded me a great deal of home. The Ticino village fairs are usually celebrated during the grape harvest season where the authentic wine is served with genuine cheese. Either way, it was a chance to savour the moment by tasting La fourme d'Ambert, the Reblochon, the Munster, the Abondance, the Altenburger Ziegenkäse, the Pico, the l’Évora and the Gouda just to name a few.

Adventures are so much more fun when shared with others. On that note, I had rallied another two Italian families (remember my hubby's a true Italian) whom also had arrived in Paris this autumn in order to render this little outing more fun for the kids since they all know each other from school. Well, all I'll say is that our excursion ended with a big family meal in a nearby trattoria with lots of mozzarella cheese on top of our pizzas. Once Italian, always Italian! Buon appetito!


  1. Oohhhh... I want to be there - I adore France and I totally adore fromage... I am going to have to start keeping a diary that includes such lush events as this... maybe next year?

  2. Eventough the fair is realtively small the cheeses are spectacular. Definately orth it. You might want to vistaprint it!? ;)


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