October 4, 2011

Cupcake delirium

Feeling terribly active since we've arrived in this big city and making the most of the endless choices of activies offered, I decided to have a Mummy-Daughter afternoon and join the Cupcake Camp invitation:

Feeling still a bit homesick Expat girl decided for some Swiss Carrot cupcakes, our favourite!

Boy, once again I had thoroughly underestimated Parisian lifestyle. 
We expected a fun, family-style, home-baking get-together.
We discovered a highly professional cupcaking business.
Take a look for yourself.

Category: My dream come true cupcake

Category: Most exoctic ingredients cupcake

Category: Autumn inspiration cupcake

more Autumn inspired cupcakes

Category: Kids' Party cupcakes

Category: Parisian cupcakes

more Parisian cupcakes


Expat girl's favourite

Expat girl's 2nd favourite!

Category: Flower Power cupcakes

Category: Fantasy cupcakes

The turn-out by the bakers was nothing less than spectacular.  We have never seen so many beautiful cupcakes assembled in one area – bravo!  Clearly the passion for cupcakes is alive and well in Paris.  The contests were brimming with amazingly decorated and creative cupcakes.

Time to devour our precious treasures.

Expat girl was very disheartened by how poorly our Swiss Carrot cake cupcakes presented themselves in comparison with all the others. I reassured her that the others might look impressive but ours were without a doubt the best tasting cupakes of the entire show. Together we also managed to raise over 6000 Euro for the "Make-a-wish" foundation.

The day was saved when Expat girl pulled out a lucky raffle ticket and won herself a Cook book!

Next year we will definately be back with some spectacular looking AND tasting cupcakes à la Suisse.... just you wait and see!


  1. Those are some pretty phenomenal looking cupcakes! But even with all those amazing choices, I probably would have picked the carrot cake too :-)

  2. Thank you for your unconditional support. ;)


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