October 14, 2011

Paris is mine to discover

Ever since my GPS guided me right through the thick of the city rather than around the ringroad upon our arrival to Paris by car six weeks ago, I have been having serious doubts about this technological gadget of mine. I honestly think it gets lost between satellites or whatever it is that guides it up in space.

I was one of the die-hards refusing to let a machine tell me where to go. I mean, I hate people telling me what to do even at the best of times!

I broke down and bought a GPS because I figured if I'm gonna drive half way across Europe and back with the kids, it might be safer.

Well, it got me from Lugano to Madrid and from there to Paris but it doesn't seem to like the city?!? I don't know how many times I've wondered which turn to take while it keeps on repeating: recalculating, recalculating.

I might be old fashion but isn' it better to know where you're heading BEFORE you start your journey. Maps are great and Google Maps are outstanding. Studying your intinerary allows you to orient yourself. You walk around looking up at the signpost rather than having your head stuck in a machine while missing the sites. Therefore my dear GPS, either you shape up or I will......


  1. I know it's cliche but I am so hopeless at reading Maps so we bought a Tom Tom when we moved to Spain.

    It drove us down roads that went nowhere and when driving to Paris it nearly drove us off a cliff San Sebastian!

  2. New Follower from Blog hop till you drop. Hoping you will follow back! =0)
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  3. @The Expat Wife: So happy to hear that I'm not the only one out there who can't handle French GPSs. ;)
    @corabeth: Thanks for stopping by. Love the Kids shades post!

  4. this is a hilarious story, Paris can be complicated, on the bright side, every time you get lost you find new things in town!


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