July 8, 2012

Time for a new phone

For practical reasons as well as sentimental ones, I have hung on to my Spanish mobile phone over the past nine years, eventhough we moved in 2006. It has come in handy since I still spend over two months a year in sunny Spain.

Between you and me I am considering just staying here until Parisian weather conditions become livable again. We had nothing but rain every single day for the last three months.

Back to my lovely Spanish pink flip Sony phone. It has died on me more that once over the past months, so I decided it was high time to check out what the Spanish phone market has to offer these days. Surely with the economic crisis going on, the phone deals must have evovled over the years.

Well, my type of contract was not to be found in the movistar computer - that's how outdated I was!!!

The young sales clerk did not look like the brightest cookie in the box but I figured I would trust him on this one. He showed me which phones I could choose free of charge - thanks to all my "phone miles" I accumulated over the years - and I opted for a Samsung Android phone. Ok, I admit I would have preferred an i-phone - and after having used the Samsung I am convinced that the Apple product remains the most user-friendly and fastest mobile phone - but it came free of charge so I won't insist.

Needless to say I had to wade through a new jungle called Google play, I needed to sign up for yet another e-mail, connect differerent accounts, merge services and switch primary with secondary mails. I refuse to sync all my information (yes, I am old-school) and spent a while reshuffling my contacts. I am now downloading android rather than i-tunes apps. I was under the impression technology is suppose to make your life easier!?!

So far, I have downloaded Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Google Maps, Adobe Reader, Instagram, Solitaire, and Shazam. I cannot, however, download my latest discovery called MagicPlan. After France, Canada, Autria and the Netherlands, MagicPlan has been selected by Apple as THE APP OF THE WEEK in 92 countries including Spain, India, Brazil, Russia, Saoudi Arabia and Argentina. Wake up Google play!!!!

However, the most important point is that I found the perfect cover: a pink, sparkling glitter case!

So tell me, what are you favourite apps?

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