October 20, 2012

Marvellous Gregory

What do the two have in common?

Well, when visiting Mamita Cubana this summer I came down the stairs one morning to find her big boy relaxing in the middle of the living room floor listening to ... Gregory Porter. I had never heard of Gregory Porter before. Usually the music our kids listen to nowadays has very little in common with what I call "rhythm and blues" but I liked what I heard.

So, last night I surprised my hubby by taking him off to see Grammy-nominated Jazz singer Gregory Porter in a little concert hall on the outskirts of Paris. What struck me upon our arrival was the age of the spectators. We were on the younger side....for once! It was wonderful to watch Mr.Porter's performance which was clearly followed by an audience of connaisseurs. From beat one my feet were tapping on the floor thoughout the entire concert. He was extraordinary. Gregory’s powerful yet soothing voice danced wonderfully over ultra smooth instrumentation for a heartwarming rendition of modern jazz. Once you've heard his voice you won't forget it just like you'll never mistaken his dresscode!!!

So thank you budding musician boy for making my evening yesterday!!!! May your musical career be as successful as Gregory Porter's. Here is a song for your Mamita Cubana...

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