October 19, 2012

Shop till' you drop

One of the great things about living in Paris, is that I get invitations to the French designer brands' sales. Some of them are better than others. I know many women would give a great deal to receive such invitations.

I love to shop but if it is one thing I am NOT - it is a fashion victim. I have my own style - always have had, always will have! Sometimes formal, usually "decontractée" ( I do love that French expression) but as my friends would say always chic.

I can get more excited about my hubby buying me a pink lamp for our dining room than over a designer dress. However, that would NOT include shoes which I admit are my weakest point. Always have been, always will be.

All this to say that I took three different metros to check out the Kenzo personnel sales at Porte de la Champerret in the 17th arrondissement. Part of this "alternative" shopping experience is that I venture to corners of Paris which I would otherwise never discover.

On my various outings I have come across vegetable markets, flower shops, gift shops, foreign supermarkets, ALL of them invariably cheaper than in the 16th arrondisement! I confess I end up making purchases on my way home from these fashion events rather than on the actual personnel sales....this is, of course, with the exception of shoes!!!!

Who can resist a selection of sweets like this?

Hats are my other weakness...

All the bouquets are pink ... which one to choose?

Japanese packaging in PiNk...

... and finally a coffee!

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