October 24, 2012

Teenage shopping experience

Abercrombie and Fitch, need I say more?

When kids hit their preteens they seem to shift into a whole new branded sphere. Refusing to stand in line under the pouring rain just to set foot in the store, I managed to avoid entering their world for one whole year.

With Expat boy's birthday coming up, I had no choice but to face the music... literally!

I had seen the gorgeous welcoming boys many a times passing by infront of the store but now I'm inside and if I hear one more "Hey guys, whatsup?" I will scream. Have you ever tried answering: "Fine. And you?" They look at you dumbfounded because they don't speak any English!!!!
Lovely smiles and giddy dancing sales personnel works for me - especially if they're eye candy - but there are limits!
Five different sales assistants gave me five different ERRONEOUS answers to my inquiries. One of them even insisted they didn't carry zipper jackets. Come again? Even I know A&F sells zipped hoodies.

The music was so loud I needed to shout to ask for a size just to be told they can't give it to me unless I wait until they get it out of the warehouse. "Well, what are you waiting for? Go take that great smile and lovely body of yours over to the depository!"

Meanwhile I'll wonder around in the four-storey emporium that doesn't carry kids sizes and is so dark I can't even see the sizes let alone the colour of the article!

I keep on tripping over the poor janitors' brooms who are scrubbing the floor. Please?!? Clean the store when your clients aren't in it shopping.

Where has that assistant gone to? Maybe if I mess up their layout a bit someone will turn up? Sure enough my strategy works to perfection. Two youngsters come rushing up to straighten the sweaters I just pulled out on purpose. Gotcha! Now follow me because I am your mystery shopper. I bet they have never heard of that kind of quality control. Lots of show and little substance like so many other things nowadays.

As I am walking home I am wondering if I got the colours right!?

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