October 15, 2012

Cook, Eat and Run

Living in Paris, how could I NOT enroll in a cooking class once in a while. Usually I am tempted by a sumptuous mille feuille tradition or a succulent chocolate souffle course. However, L'atelier des Chefs opened up a new location in Paris - right next to my favourite shop BHV- last week and my foddie friend signed us up immediately.

The French brothers Nicolas and Francois Bergerault offer a thirty minute hands-on cooking experience, known as "L'en cas" which in English could be translated as "Cook, Eat and Run". It doesn't matter whether you are a complete beginner or a more experienced cook, in 30 minutes sharp they teach you how to prepare and cook a dish that you can serve at your next dinner party and impress your guests not to mention your hubby. I'm not sure my kids are ready to appreciate French cuisine...yet?!

In a convivial and fun environment we learnt how to concoct Asian noodles with crunchy vegetables and roasted prawns. I love cooking but I have kept well away of seafood. Growing up in Switzerland doesn't really incentivate you towards this kind of food. After my initiation with gambas I have served them for dinner in three different versions much to my hubbies' delight who grew up in Napoli.

Click here for the recipe in French: www.atelierdeschefs.fr-nouilles-sautees-aux-legumes-croquants-et-gambas-roties

A kitchen spic and span

The ingredients which need to be chopped

The enemy: las gambas

First time I've ever cooked Asian noodles
(remember I am married to an Italian:
we eat pasta NOT noodles))

Sautéeing veggies

15 minutes down, 15 minutes to go...

the exotic touch

a bit of green as colour contrast

Frying the cooked noodles

... et voilà!

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