November 28, 2013

My Parisian essentials

After having lived in Paris for over two years now, I can honestly say, I have the city pretty sussed. These are the things I have learnt and cannot do without:

1. Navigo
2. I-phone
3. Google Maps App
4. Digital camera
5. Scarf
6. Lipstick
7. Flat ballerinas or boots (black)
8. Designer handbag (black)
9. Sunglasses
10. My CB for impulse shopping
11. Proof of identity/current living address
12. Loose change for a clochard or a metro musician
13. Bottled water
14. Umbrella
15. Audiobook
16. Earphones
17. Fooding App
18. Tissues
19. Attitude (always)
20. Anything black 

Walk fast and with a purpose even if you have all the time in the world and have no clue where you are headed. This is why you need good walking shoes and a Google Maps app which includes the Metro stops. The monthly Navigo abonnement will get you around town in an instant especially if you download the Metro app. When looking into black space while riding the tube, pull out your earphones and listen to your favourite audiobook of the month. Having conquered a seat in the crowded underground, you might want to pull out a tissue of your designer handbag while your hands are free. Don't forget to just your lipstick in the window reflection.

Pull your scarf tighter when you run up the stairs and into the cold wind howling through the metro entrance. Pop on your sunglasses even though the sky is a grey drizzle. Remember you live in the capital of fashion. Pull out your umbrella to avoid your hair going frizzy. No matter the season, in Paris the threat of rain should not be taken lightly. Smile at the hobo and give him your change. He needs it more than you do!

Take a sip of your water while deciding which trendy lunch spot you'll discover thanks to Paris' fantastic fooding app. Your girlfriends will be mighty impressed with your insider knowledge. Flick out your CB credit card for an item you absolutely cannot live without and make sure you do it with an attitude.

Whatever you decide to wear make sure it is black and take lots of pictures of the city of lights!

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