November 14, 2013

A day in the life of a Parisienne

Today, I did what all my friends at home think I do. Well, maybe I DO do what all my friends at home think I do, but there is more to the story.... but that is an entirely different chapter.

Anyways, this morning I walked myself from school drop-off to the newly re-opend Fashion museum, under pouring rain needless to say. I had rounded up a couple of friends who did not know each other, two of whom had just arrived in Paris from other parts of the world. You see, you never know when your paths cross again. I had therefore decided to gather my favourite people in one place to join me on my adventures, hoping that they would hit it off together.

The Fashion museum was a hit. What girl would not enjoy an exhibition that inspires your reverie of red-carpet haute-de-couture dresses?

After four long years of renovations, Paris's Palais Galleria finally reopened its doors, treating its first visitors to an in depth and stunning look at the influential Paris-based couturier Azzedine Alaia.

A masterpiece of staging, the 70 dresses on display seem to hover in space, buoyed by transparent dress forms cut precisely to the lines of each garment and underscoring the sculptural quality of the dresses. Dresses that ONLY fit Naomi Campbell and the likes, of course.

We had to concentrate very hard to keep our hands behind our backs for our fingers were itching to touch the fabrics and stroke the patterns of these mind-blowing creations.

I couldn't help noticing the doorman wearing a tie that was colour coordinated with his orange socks!

To top off our tour what better place to have lunch than the fashionable Restaurant Monsieur Bleu inside the Palais de Tokyo across the street?

Seemed to me, we unveiled the Parisiennes' local cafeteria judging by the ladies' wardrobes and number of facial retouches and perfected hairdos. Much to my surprise the service was excellent, an unusual characteristic in a super-trendy Parisian restaurant.

My friends hit it off and it felt good to see four people close to me - from totally different stages in my life - bond and exchange their stories.

Oddly enough, one of the subjects we discussed was about how stepping out of your comfort zone makes you more creative because you need to find new reference points. Well, girls I have chosen you to become my new Parisian reference points. Let the adventures begin!

Now I am off for my manicure...

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