October 30, 2013

Zip Zap - from one home to another

Zip zap... and we go from Swiss mode to Spanish mode in less than two hours. The time of an easyjet flight!

We switch languages, phones and attitude. We drive cars with local number plates and are happy to order certain foods again - that we missed so dearly - but are unpronounceable for foreigners.

If anybody would have told me years ago that my family would have three "homes" and feel at home in three different countries, I would have replied that we are not schizophrenic.

However, time and expericence have taught me differently. We left Lugano heavy-heartedly this afternoon where we had settled for over four years with the intention of settling down forever. That, of course did not happen, which is why we now live in Paris - our new home.

Spain - where we lived for three years - is where we relax and still spend the summer. We also consider Madrid our home.

This evening, the minute we landed at Barajas airport, our nostalgia for Lugano had passed as we were greeted by our friend "Mamita Cubana" with a big smile, a hug AND dinner. What a treat?!

So, should I be worried about my kids not knowing where they belong? No, I believe that it is up to them to carve their destiny and when they are old enough they will decide where their home will be. In the meantime, all they need to do is switch the chip everytime the plane lands!

However, it will, without a doubt, be a bit more difficult to switch back to French mode when schools starts again next week.

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