October 29, 2013

What is a webinar?

Yesterday I came across a fellow blogger's post that recommended an Expat webinar. Ah, my interest was peaked.

What is a webinar, I wondered? Is it a conference call or a skype conversation? Can I wear my PJs while I participate? Given that the webinar originated in Australia and 10 am in Sydney equalled midnight here in Europe this was a valid question. Did I need to prop my background in case I am live online?

At 23:58 - and after having paid my 29AU$ - I connected to the webinar site and logged in. I was welcomed with a slide presentation and a lady's voice with a charming Australian accent, Mrs Trisha Carter is her name. Thinking about it, I had to sit back a second and picture myself: here I am, sitting comfortably at my desk at midnight attending a webinar being held on the other side of the globe with people from every posssible corner of the world. The mind boggles.

During this forty-minute interactive webinar, we discussed how expat partners can build satisfying lives in their new locations. Admittedly, after countless moves the discussion sounded very familiar and customary to me. I was along for the ride because of the medium - the webinar - rather than the practical counselling!

The best advice was: "Your fastest route to engagement is knowing your strenghts and using them on a daily basis." I can vouch for that.

A little disappointed that after 40 minutes we were left with only half the webinar completed which means they will be back for more money in order to complete the five pillars of well-being. THAT is not fair, this little detail was not mentioned when I signed up.

I guess I'll be staying up for a few more nights hoping I won't turn into a pumpkin at midnight! And no, they can't see me online!!!

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