October 17, 2013

Victim of it's own success

So, we never made it into the building of Paris 13 Tour but who's looking? The intention was there, the company was fun and it did get us out into the 13th arrondissement.

The tower slated for demolition end of 2013 has become home to largest group street art exhibition ever. Nine dedicated floors, 36 four or five-room apartments have become the medium for urban artists representing 16 different nationalities. This project that for many months voluntarily remained confidential has caused up to five hours of queueing over the past weekend, it must therefore definately be worth a visit.

I actually remember walking by that place last year (on my way to John Galliano's fashion show!!!) and taking pictures of the orange blob that featured on the building's front for months without anybody really knowing why!

September 2012

October 2013

Feeling very clever, I suggested to my fellow explorers:"Let's meet an hour before opening, hopefully we'll be the first ones inside when they open up." I came speeding around the corner and couldn't believe my eyes. The queue was already all around the block, literally!

We diligently stood in line when - after about 20 minutes of hardly moving forward - I decided to investigate.

A friendly, rather bored looking security guard let me in on the secret.

Walking back along the snake of people I announced my findings: "The good news is we can go for lunch because the bad news is that the line is at least 3 hours long!

Now, I am willing to queue for a while but three hours is pushing it!

My backup plan was lunch. Not far down the river lies the (in)famous Batofar, a place where all new musical tendencies meet, a real headlight boat originally from Ireland and parked just in front of the National Library. It is THE emblematic vessel of the capital. Tucked away at the stern of this creaky, slightly swaying peniche we had a delicious French dish overlooking the Seine.

And as we were heading back to pick up our kids from school two hours later, we wondered whether the youngsters standing line just behind us were still queuing!!!

I might not have managed to enter the building but the outside allowed for great pictures as well!

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