October 9, 2013

Following Victor Hugo's footsteps...

Transported back in time, we followed the footsteps of Victor Hugo on a chilly, drizzly October morning.

Our guide's good spirits made up for the meteo and her lively mannerisms kept us all spell-bound to her words. Us all, meaning a group of 20 mums totaling 14 nationalities. Everytime I take a minute to reflect on this fact, I can't help but imagining what an efficient, experienced and flexible a team we would make for any International company. Yet, here we are devoted to our husbands and kids being PIMs (Professional International Movers).

Anyways, back to Victor Hugo.

We had a fascinating walk in the Marais-Bastille district to learn about Victor Hugo, and to see how his life and times influenced the poignant story Les Miserables.

We heard about his life and the tragic story of the death of his much loved daughter, who was the inspiration for the character of Cosette. The walk showed some intriguing sights including the remains of the Bastille fortress, as well as the Bastille square where we heard the story of this fateful prison, and learned how the revolutions of the 19th century which Victor Hugo lived through and was eye witness to, shaped the story.

We admired the St Martin Canal, Victor Hugo’s house on the place des Vosges, and places where he set certain scenes in the book such as the Maison de Sully and the Church of St. Paul.

My mind got a mental jog trying to retrieve recollections of long gone highschool French readings of Les Miserables. Those were the days when French was a subjet you hated not a language to speak!

They say you learn with age. Today, I can say I truely enjoyed my lesson of French.

Victor Hugo's house

Place des Voges
Arches around Place des Voges

Hotel de Sully dressed in Pink for breast cancer awareness month

Back alley of Church St.Paul

Prefecture de Police

Port de Plaisance

Parisian graffiti

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