October 26, 2013

Absolument excentrique

"Absolument excentrique" was the exhibit's title. How can I resist? I loooove excentric things. I like people who think differently and put their vision into a creation that differs from the norm.

Little did I know about the exposition I was about to visit.

The art came across as children's work but then again the citations alongside where adult thoughts - some of them written in child's caligraphy and others with an adult touch.

As I came to the end of the tour around the Hotel de Ville's foyer, I watched the documentary of this event and realized: The exhibition stages the artistic creation of persons with mental or psychological disabilities, allowing them to build greater social inclusion! For this, the scenery was meant to be accessible and fun, in the form of a brightly coloured maze and revealing works that could be read on many levels, which would not exclude any visitor.

What a brilliant chance for this group of youngsters to exhibit their art publicly in the center of Paris. These are the moments when you realize the potential of a grand city, a city like Paris, that has the interest and the framework in promoting art and culture.

There are many different ways to do so and this is truely an excentric approach which makes you stop your frantic city lifestyle for a moment to reflect about others.

A small but moving collection that is worth taking the time to visit.

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