December 6, 2013

Baking Gingerbread Men for charity

Expat girl and I share a passion: baking! When she was a toddler we used to make Swiss Christmas biscuits. Of course, I always ended up cutting and baking the last couple of batches because the icing part was so much more fun. For the past two years, we stepped it up a little by making a gingerbread house from scratch which she would share with her class mates.

This year my little girl asked me if we could make something to raise money for the charity stall at the school's holiday bazaar. She wanted support a project that provides clean, safe water to communities by drilling wells in African villages. Since neither of us are very artistic and do not have the patience for manual crafts, we decided on something we both enjoy: baking.

We produced an army of Gingerbread men and X-mas trees. Needless to say the icing part is still the most fun. 

Seeing the little kids' faces as they reached for the festive-wrapped gingerbread cookies was worth the trek across Paris to find the gingerbread man cutter and the cellophane bags the day before.

Expat girl will go down in Primary School history as the Gingerbread Girl.

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