December 16, 2013

Christmas spirit at the Bon Marché

The Bon Marché is the epitomy of French shopping. You will find no tourists. As a matter of fact, you'll find hardly any people unless you happen to go on a Saturday. This is rather unfortunate because it is a very posh department store full of creativity and style along resolutely contemporary lines.

They sell the most prestigious brands from the world of luxury goods, unique and innovative furniture, original and exclusive kitchenware, unsusal books, delicious gourmet delicacies, the best brands of lingerie. You name it, they'll have it.

The other day I took myself off to admire the Christmas decorations under the unusual setting of the renovated glass ceiling on the 2nd floor. I indulged into to some Christmas nostalgia. I miss the anglosaxon Christmas overindulgence during December. The purple spiral lights down the Champs Elysées just don't do the job for me. I DO like the fuchisa fake Christmas trees some of the florists are selling. They seem to have sold out within a week! Long live kitch!

One of four Christmas trees

Classic deco

Deco for the kids

A natural touch

Bright creche figurines

Red, Gold & Green

A distinct Parisian ambiance

A chic Parisian Gingerbread man

Le Bon Marché's Christmas window display

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