April 24, 2014

He's simply unbeatable...

It wasn't just a simple trip to the hairdressers, it was an outing to discover Luis' new beauty salon. Luis, the hair stylist (because THAT'S what he is), tall and charismatic but above all professional with the right touch of creativity.

My Colombian friend has come a very long way and by the look of his face this morning, all the hardship along the path was worth it.

The entire gang of what my husband calls the-sex-in-the-city-girls have been following Luis from the little family-run hair salon where he started his career in Spain over a decade ago. We all drove out of our way and religiously kept our appointments in the up-beat studio a few years later. He does wonders with my thin, bristly hair and produces miracles with my Latina girlfriends' hair.

So today, the master of beauty and style proudly showed me around his own studio. Bright, white, modern, funky and sleek with warm touches of infused light and colour here and there. 

But it didn't stop here. I did not only have one or two but FOUR people attending my every wish. I nearly slipped off into la la land while my head was being massaged at the same time as my hands as well as enjoying the built-in seat massage. What more could a girl ask for? Seriously! I hate to admit though, that the men were more professional than the ladies!

The cherry on the cake is that the entire princess treatment cost one third of what I would have paid in Paris! Therefrore I am seriously considering taking a day off next month to hop on an easyjet flight to Madrid JUST to have my hair cut. Wanna join me?

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