April 28, 2014

Home is where your friends are

Saturday night and I'm checking my Facebook before I hop into bed to discover - much to my surprise - a sister request. A smile covers my face and I have tears in my eyes.

I am not a person prone to proclaim being part of a clique nor do I declare being someone's sister on social media but this request goes way back. It made me wonder how come our bond is soo strong?

We met in our early teens. One boy wanted to go out with me and his best friend was dating my best friend. However, when the romance was all over two weeks later, the three of us somehow stuck together. Together we went through some pretty important stages in our lives and eventhough we are not part of each others every day routine anymore, I do believe what binds us, are our childhood memories. Litte did we know that they would be so strong as to accompany us into our 50s!

Two months ago, I received an SMS out of the blue from Swiss Boy, the Swissest of my two buddies stating: "Through all these years, you two are the only constants in my life. Thanks for being there." Needless to say I was reaching for a hankie.

Today, I receive a request from my Cool Tiger buddy asking me to be his sister! It might seem silly to some but I am touched... deeply so. I never realised quite how much our bond ment to these two boys, I figured it was my female instinct that cherished this friendship beyond borders.

It was I who travelled far and wide only to come back to my roots - rarely but religiously - and celebrate our friendship over a dinner à trois. I made a point of giving them hell when they didn't visit me, after I finally moved down the road (because Lugano is literally next door to Zürich compared to Buenos Aires), I send them Christmas updates every year, I have their photo in my living room...

...but today I know - more than ever - that home is where your friends are, not only a place where you grew up! And home is also where your heart is and mine is definately with them as theirs is with me! So, yes my dear friend, I am honoured to call you my brother! Both of you!

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