April 6, 2014

Around the world for lunch

It's the time of year again when the children's school makes a point of honouring the world's cultures in a day long festivity. With spring, along comes the rush of organising International Day. Over 60 nations are represented in the student body. If you're thinking this sounds like the United Nations, I assure you that pick-up at Primary School certainly feels like it.

Parents, children, and teachers from all four corners of the globe prepare for days, sometime weeks for this special day where the smells of International cuisine permeate the halls and the sounds of music drift out of classrooms. The campus bustles with activity, laughter and friendship. Every nation displays national customs, food, and items of interest with pride. Some are more popular than others for obvious reasons. We all love the US s'mores, the Italian pizza and the Japanese sushi but Brazil beats them all. They actually serve Caipirinha, Brazil's national cocktail, made with cachaça, sugar and lime, a big hit with the adults. Spain are not far behind with their red wine and Jamon Iberico. No, the Russians were not serving caviar - unfortunately - but exquisite bubliks. I tasted the Malay dish nasi lemak, was tempted by the Filipino adobo and munched out with Australian frog in the pond.

You're wondering which nation I was representing? Italy, of course, by special request of my children. Also, it would be hard to make Raclette for 600 people all by myself.

I am still waiting for the Swiss Family Robinson to arrive and give me a hand...

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